1 500 EUR in dividend income and the journey continues…

Wow guys it is already November and it is getting colder out there and the year 2017 is almost over again. But considering investing and dividend income it has been a great one so far. I managed to double my dividend income to approximately around 1 400 EUR compared to 2016 and I will end the year with a projected full year dividend income of around 1 580 EUR.

Back in 2014 I did not really think that I will be realistically have such a dividend income, as I thought at the beginning investing is not really my thing but the more dividends I collected during that time the more passionate I got with my investments. This year it is already a monthly routine to invest around 1 500 EUR in stocks. Of course for the last two month I more into increasing my cash reserves.

Nevertheless the thing which keeps me motivated is the financial independence. You can not believe how I tired I am to work for the success of someone else. But currently I still need to do it as my job is still my main income. So my goal is by the age 40 not only to generate around 11 5oo EUR in dividend income and I also want to be my boss :)…

So guys I will give you brief outlook how I want get there until the year 2025.

Outlook until 2025

In 2025 I want to have a dividend income of 11 500 EUR per year. It will be a tough goal but through constant investing in high quality stocks I think this more than possible.

In the table below I am assuming a yearly average dividend growth rate of 7.5% and yield of 3.0% for the investments. My plan for 2018 is to invest 20 000 EUR and then each 2 500 EUR more. So will be challenging but at the same I am generating each year more income.

So why am I telling you that?

Well as I said at the beginning I am doing this blog mainly for motivational purposes and that you can be part of the journey with all the ups and downs. I also hope that you find some inspiration in it to see that generating additional income through dividends is possible and now a days it is also necessary to let the money work for you. Because only relying on your monthly paycheck is way more risky than investing.


So am I happy with the 11 500 EUR dividend income in the year 2025? No I am not but it’s realistic that I can hit that goal and I also I will not be financially free by then but I will not purely depend on my job anymore. As I will have a nice dividend income and portfolio worth of around 300 000 EUR. Anyway let’s see what the time and also the market will tell us and when or if the will be the predicted crash where we dividend investors can go shopping.

I think it is important to give yourself a little update on your goals just to keep motivated.

In the meantime stay focused an be patient. Dividend investing is for the long term :)…

What is your dividend income long term plan? Are you keeping track on it?

Disclosure: I do not recommend any decision to the reader or any user, please consult your own research. Thank you for your understanding.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your outlook and plans. Currently I’m working on my 2017 goal as hard as my choices allow me. I won’t make it unfortunately but that’s not a problem, 2018 I will challenge myself again!

    Anyways very nice results for you again this month!

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