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About me

Hi guys thanks for stopping by at my site about dividend investing and how I want to create passive income through dividends. My name is Andreas and I am 30 years old and I live in Austria. The main purpose of this site is to show that it is possible to create a descend income through dividends, although you do not have a large capital like the big investors. I think some other bloggers like the dividendmantra etc. already showed it, that it is possible in the US. Unfortunately there not that many bloggers from the german speaking area. Maybe it has something to do that in Germany or Austria the common opinion about investing in stocks is like being a gambler or “… you only can loose money..”.

I also want to add some articles about personal finance, and how important it is to track down your monthly expenses and to make a monthly budget.

Why shares

The decision about investing in shares or better companies, came from the idea to have another income besides the monthly paycheck. And to be honest I do not understand much about chart analysis so I figured out another strategy for me. It is a simple buy and hold strategy and rebuying if there will be a big drop in the stock value. I also have to point out that I am only selling a stock if there will be some major changes in the fundamentals of my holdings.

So I hope that some of you will find some interesting stuff on my site and enjoy reading it as well. As I already mentioned at the beginning I am quite new to investment so I am sure I can learn a lot more about dividend investing through this website.


  1. Hi DC,

    I look forward to following you progress as you build up a portfolio of dividend shares. It is always nice to see a new name in the DGI community. There are a few German stocks in my watchlist. Once the CAD starts trading higher I will be focussed on the international equities on my foundation watchlist. Cheers

  2. Hi there,

    thanks for stopping by. Yes there are a few good german stock out there like BASF, Münchner Rück, Fresniius also the austrian company voestalpine is currently on my watch list.

  3. DI,
    nice to see a fellow German speaking investor!
    One other reason why there are so few dividend investors in our countries is maybe the dividend tax rate (25% in Germany). This is significant and makes “capital gain investing” more attractive.


  4. Hello, I want to ask whether I could send you a guest post article about binary options? I was thinking about post “Is Binary trading legit? My 10 tips from experience”. Would you be interested? If you have any requirements, can you please tell me? 🙂 Thank you

  5. Hi,
    sorry my English is not so good. But it is nice to see that another people from Germany / Austria investing in dividends. Since one year i also do this and my strategy is you strategy. since four months i build also a website (called divdepot.de). I will help that german people learn to invest yourself the money in shares with dividends.

    have a nice day

    • Hi Thomas, kein Problem wir können auch auf Deutsch schreiben. Ich werde mal deine HP anschauen.

      Danke für dein comment 🙂

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