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TalkMarkets is a new financial site, which offers customized content, depending on the users selected interest, investing preferences etc.. This makes it very unique and user friendly as it only offers content which you actually want to read and is personally relevant.

TalkMarkets is a contributor owned page. That means after you have applied as a contributor you can submit e.g. an article for which yo get equity points, with each equity point you own a small part of the website.


Ways of earning equity points

  • Submit Content: You can choose between posting by yourself or TalkMarkets will repost your Blogposts for you. There is also the difference of exclusive and non exclusive content. Exclusive nevertheless means that you can repost it after 48 hours of its publications on TalkMarkets.
  • Drive Traffic: the more traffic you generate the more equity points you get
  • Refer others: you can refer other contributors
  • One time actions: There are several other opportunities like placing your contributor badge on your blog etc..

When can you cash out your equity points? At the time of a liquidity event (IPO or acquisition).

There are also a lot of side effects for your blog:

  • You can promote your blog; at TalkMarkets you can set up your profile and also promote your blog, by contributing articles.
  • You generate more traffic by posting just own article at your blog and at the same time at Talkmarkets
  • etc..

So let’s be part it and join the new investment community!!

Check out my contributor page to see how you can become a contributor and how I can promote my blog there.

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