Dividend Income October 2017

Each month I will publish my dividend income. I will mainly do this for staying self motivated and to give you the readers the chance to follow my journey from the beginning on. The dividend income in the first couple of years will be on a very low level but investing in dividend stocks is all about the long term. I am very sure that in 5 years from now I will get my first rewards for the patience and focus on my goals.

It is again time for the monthly dividend income summary, can’t believe that is already November. October has been a quiet month when it comes to dividend income. But I was expecting that already nevertheless I was again able to increase my dividend income compared to last year. In total I collected dividends worth of 68.46 EUR

Overview dividend income October

My total dividend income in October was 68.46 EUR that is an increase of 71.1% compared to October 2016. That increase does mainly come from my additional investment in General Electric and PPL Corp. Considering General Electric let’s hope they do not cut their dividend otherwise it would be my first cut experienced.

The decreases from the  other stocks are due to the exchange rate.  My accumulated yearly dividend income is already above the total of 2016. Currently I have collected dividends worth of 1 196.96 EUR compared to 706.26 EUR in 2016. So all in all I more than confident to reach my goal of 1 400 EUR Dividend Income in 2017, all in all I should still receive dividends worth of around 220 EUR.

Overview monthly dividend income 2017

As you can see in the chart above the development is not the worst, the year started very slowly in January and February, from March ongoing I managed to make a huge increase in my monthly income.


My average monthly dividend income in 2016 was at  58.86 EUR and currently it is at 119.70 EUR.

My projected full year dividend income is now at  1 519.18 EUR that means I have now an average of 126.60 EUR per month. So I still managed to increase my projected dividend income month by month. Nevertheless the still weakening USD is a little pain and the increases are little smaller than expected, but it is not the end of the world :).

As already mentioned my goal until the end of the year is to have a total dividend income of 1 400 EUR and to have a projected dividend income of 1 700 EUR by the end of the year. As I 0nly plan to do one more investment this year I think I will not reach that goal I guess my projected dividend income until the end of the year will be around 1 580 EUR.

Again I have to say that investing in Dividend Stocks, ETF’s or whatever which is for the long run really pays you back. It is not that difficult you just need to focus on the long run. I am quite sure in the mid term a lot of us might have a portfolio in the deep reds. But this is time where we should buy and not sell. Investing is for the long term. I am now into that for three years and my snowball already starts to get bigger and bigger month by month. I am already curious where I am in 5 years from now on. It is just important to keep in mind:

Patience is one of your best friend on this journey!!

How was your dividend income in October?

Disclosure: I do not recommend any decision to the reader or any user, please consult your own research. Thank you for your understanding.



  1. Nice! You did a pretty good job last month! It’s good to see that there are several high-quality companies that pay out their dividend in October, as I’m still looking for a suitable addition to my portfolio that fits that criterion.


  2. Amazing growth year on year! Some really nice companies paying you in October. I am sharing only CSCO and would love to have some more names from that list 🙂
    I like your way of thinking and I hope we will both see how we are looking after 5 years from now 🙂

    • Thanks for the kind words, I am still at the beginning of my journey but it is already nice to see such results after 2.5 years :).

    • Hi Hunter,

      thanks for the comment. Yeah 1 000 USD would be great. Well for next year one of my goals is to have a 300 EUR dividend income month :)…

  3. Now that’s a motivating update. Solid year over year increase and it looks like you got paid by many well known, stable dividend payers. A great way to slowly build up a strong passive income stream. Your future self is already thanking you for the steps you have taken today. Keep up the good work!

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