Dividend Income Update April 2019

Hello again time for one of my favorite posts of each month, the dividend income update. It is now already March and one of the stronger dividend months of the year. In total I was able to collect dividends worth of 343.18 EUR or 383.877 USD compared to a dividend income of 54.73 EUR in 2018.

Why am I actually publishing my monthly income result?

Well to be honest for me it is more or less to write down my progress and to stay motivated in the end. In the last weeks I was looking at my results from three years ago, and I have to say I made quite a progress in the meantime. It is still a long journey to reach my goal of a yearly dividend income of 10 000 EUR but it is more than doable you just need the patience and this is what I want to show you with my monthly dividend income updates. So have fun reading my April Update…

Overview dividend income April

My total dividend income in April was 343.18 EUR or 383.77 USD, which is an increase of 527.04% compared to the last year. This a new record for me and is absolutely amazing to reach such result in one single month. Of course a big boost came from the special dividend of Rio Tinto. But to have such a single month income, is great and I did not expect so early. It is just a sign that constant investing brings you to a point where you will get the rewards sooner or later.


My average monthly dividend income in 2016 was at  58.86 EUR, in 2017 it was at 120.58 EUR, for 2018 it was at 137.86 EUR and in 2019 of course it is at the moment at 176.37 EUR 🙂, so already higher than last year :)..

My projected full year dividend income is now at  2 348.84 EUR or 2 626.53 USD that means I have now an average of 195.72 EUR per month. As you know my goal is to reach a full year projection of 2 750 EUR, so I am still short of 402 EUR but I am very optimistic to reach that goal.

Again I have to say that investing in Dividend Stocks, ETF’s or whatever which is for the long run really pays you back. It is not that difficult you just need to focus on the long run. I am quite sure in the mid term a lot of us might have a portfolio in the deep reds. But this is time where we should buy and not sell. Investing is for the long term. I am now into that for three years and my snowball already starts to get bigger and bigger month by month. I am already curious where I am in 5 years from now on. It is just important to keep in mind:

Patience is one of your best friend on this journey!!

How was your dividend income in April?

Disclosure: I do not recommend any decision to the reader or any user, please consult your own research. Thank you for your understanding!


  1. Hi Bert,
    thanks for the comment, yes increase is significant this month, but it was also mainly coming from the special dividend of Rio Tinto :)…

  2. Congrats on a new record! It’s really true what you said that you have to patiently invest and it will pay off one day. You are already seeing the fruits of your investments. More than €300 received in a single month is amazing.
    Keep it up and I am sure that you will reach your goal for the year to surpass €2750 in PADI 🙂

  3. Amazing to see your results DC! Gotta love a special dividend, I hope to get it one day.

    You are a prime example of staying the course and getting the well earned results!

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