Dividend Income Update May

May Details

Each month I will publish my dividend income. I will mainly do this for staying self motivated and to give you the readers the chance to follow my journey from the beginning on. The dividend income in the first couple of years will be on a very low level but investing in dividend stocks is all about the long term. I am very sure that in 5 years from now I will get my first rewards for the patience and focus on my goals.

Ok guys May was just awesome concerning the dividend income. Thanks to the german companies whihc pay dividends once a year. I reached the first time more than one hundred Euros. This all money I do not have to work for at all.

In total it was 124.82 EUR 🙂

In May I received dividends from the following companies


Overview monthly dividend income


How was your dividend income in May?


  1. It’s nice seeing that dividend income continue to grow and move in one direction, up. Nice to see some solid companies paying you in May as well. Keep up the good work!

  2. Are u sure BASF is correct? I have 10 shares and received 21.31 EUR in dividends (after tax). So how do you only get 21.35 with 13 shares?


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