Dividend investing is fun…

Yes for me dividend investing is making more and more fun, I am now into that for threes years and managed it again to double my dividend income from 706.26 EUR in 2016 to 1 446.97 EUR in 2017 and until now I received dividends in total of 2 513.24 EUR, this is money I did not had to work for because it was working for me.

For reaching financial freedom it is still a long way to go, but by receiving my first special dividend by ORI of 1 USD per share, gives me the feeling that I am on the right path to it.

Review 2017

In 2017 my dividend fund increased from around 43 000 EUR to 58 000 EUR, my main focus in 2017 were on ETF’s as I did not have one so far I bought 3 different dividend ETF’s which now have a total share of around 10 000 EUR, due to that purchases I was also able to reduce my USD share.

Also in 2017 I sold a couple of positions like Wal Mart, Wells Fargo, BASF, General Electric and IB Anbev. The reasons for it were different ones but the biggest mistake was of course my initial purchase of General Electric. When it comes to selling positions from time to time it is just necessary and in the end all the money was reinvested again.

Currently there is one thing, which is a bit disturbing is the weak USD, my dividend income is suffering a little and if it stays at that level I probably will not be able to make such high yoy increases like in 2016 and in 2017.

In the end of 2017 I also discovered the crypto world, particular I am holding a small stake of IOTA’s, it is a promising project with a lot of potential and although the price dropped heavily in the last 2 weeks it is something I am regularly investing about 50 – 100 EUR per month.

My total holding is at the moment 717.32 Miota’s.

Outlook 2018

Well what should I say, yesterday I went through my financial plan for 2018 and I am quite sure I will not do any major investment until May. First of all I want to accumulate as much cash as possible and second of all the current market is just way too high to do any investment. Besides some ETF’s I do not really see any good opportunities out there. So in the first half of the year I will stay more or less on the sideline.

Nevertheless my goal for 2017 is to have a projected full year dividend income of 2 000 EUR. Due to the chosen limitation of available cash for investing activities I have to reach that number by investing additional 13 000 EUR, to reach that number I need to create around 450 EUR in additional dividend income, which would be a yield of 3.5% after tax. All in all sounds reasonable and achievable.

Also I am of course confident that my crypto investment will turn out positive by the end of the year. Unless other cryptos I think with IOTA you need more patience but at the same time it is a crypto project with some real world use cases already. By the way I am of course aware that this can end with a total loss, that’s way I really only invested a small amount of money, which I can afford to loose.


Although I will be a bit more conservative with my investments in 2018, and concentrate more on accumulating cash, I am more than confident that it will be another good year for my dividend income and I am also looking forward to my crypto investment.

What are you goals for 2018? Are you looking as well for other investing opportunities?


  1. Hi DC. No extravagant investing plans for me for 2018… just staying the course. I raised my options income goal for 2018, but that’s about it. I don’t have any crypto investments.
    Excellent work doubling your dividend income each of the past two years. Here’s hoping you can add a 3rd year to that string! Take care.

    • Same here, I am just curious how the stock market 2018 will be like, and I will invest from time to time but I will be more on the sideline and watching.

    • Thank you, but I am guessing in 2018 there will be a little slow down of my dividend income. But I am still positive to increase it :).

  2. My major financial goal for 2018 is to achieve €3,000 in passive income. However, as a fellow investor from the Eurozone, I can understand that the weakening USD will make our goals a little harder to achieve. Nevertheless, I try to be positive about it as it also lowers our costs for new investments in US stocks!

    – David

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