Portfolio Overview

Currently I am invested in 36 different companies and one ETF.

As you can see the portfolio is not very big and also the diversification needs to be improved in the future. Especially I want to diversify it not only by the business sectors of the certain holdings, I also want to diversify it by the currencies. Therefore I will also add more stocks from Great Britain and Germany.

Any thoughts or critique on my current portfolio? You are more than welcome to give your comments about it.

Disclosure: I do not recommend any decision to the reader or any user, please consult your own research. Thank you for your understanding


  1. I have to say that for someone starting out relatively recently you have built up a very solid looking portfolio. Clearly, you have chosen long term dividend payers and growers and did not simply chase current yield. Happy to see quite a few names in common between our portfolios too. Thanks for sharing.

    • Hey Divhut,

      yes I am going to the longterm I may also add one or two ETF’s in the future. There are a lot dividend stocks out there from other countries in the world but the fees are just too high to purchase such stocks. It might be easier to get them through ETF’s.

  2. I like the Pfizer holdings and am thinking of grabbing this one in the near future! You also have a nice balance. I need to improve my own allocation.

    • Hey JT,

      thanks for the comment yes Pfizer is my favourite Pharma stock, also regarding the upcoming deal with Allergan its market position will be even stronger.

  3. Hey,

    Congrats on building up the portfolio within a relatively short amount of time. I like the fact that you have invested in good solid dividend paying companies and will be interested to see which companies you acquire in the future. I have been looking at BASF as well but the withholding tax is putting me off.
    I have just started my own journey investing in Dividend growth stocks and recently just purchased my very first dividend stock.

  4. Ciao CDF,
    Nice PF you’ve got there! Not many European stocks though, I was expecting a bigger component there… Still there are some extremely solid names, (I envy CISCO which I still have on my radar but never got around buying….)
    Ciao ciao


    • Hi Stalfare,

      thank you for you comment. Yeah you are right I need to add some europeans stocks as well. I have some on my radar
      vodafone, siemens, british american tobacco. But we will see BAT is overvalued right now vodafone seems to be fair valued. The point is I probably will add WFC very soon.

  5. I agree with Div Hut. Really nice portfolio for as a starter. It looks like you didn’t fall prey to chasing high yield, which is common of new DGI investors. I did it when i started out too. Nice work. I look forward to following you on this journey.

    • Hi Investment Hunter,

      thanks for the kind words. Considering the dividendcuts of KMI, BHP and NOV lately I think I am on the right path. But it is still a long way to go.


  6. DC,

    Nice portfolio! Lots of high quality companies that you’ll find in other DGI portfolio’s too. At the moment it’s very US centric, but I’m sure you’ll add in a lot of good European companies too as your portfolio grows.

    Also, it seems you’re using my dividend portfolio template – glad to see that! 🙂


    • Hey NMW,

      Thank you, Yeah it is plan to concentrate more on european stocks in the future, but this also depends of course on the market and their buying opportunities. Right this your template just redisgned it a little :).

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