Dividend Income Update October

Each month I will publish my dividend income. I will mainly do this for staying self motivated and to give you the readers the chance to follow my journey from the beginning on. The dividend income in the first couple of years will be on a very low level but investing in dividend stocks is all about the long term. I am very sure that in 5 years from now I will get my first rewards for the patience and focus on my goals.

Again time for another dividend income update. October wasn’t one of my strongest dividend income months so far. The total dividend income in October was 39.99 EUR.

Overview dividend income October


My total dividend income in 2016 is already at 558.31 EUR compared to 246.79 EUR for the whole year in 2015, that is an increase 126.32 %. My current forward full year dividend income is at around 781 EUR after tax and always depending on the current exchange rate. Until the end of the year I am expecting a total dividend income around 680 EUR considering that I am not adding any shares to my portfolio.

Overview monthly dividend income 2016



All in all I am now averaging a monthly dividend income of 55.83 EUR and 65.07 EUR based on the forward full year view. So there is still a lot of work to do to reach my goal of 100 EUR per month by the end of next year. Nevertheless I can see a very good progress compared to the situation one year ago where my average monthly dividend income by the end of the year was at 20.56 EUR.

How was your dividend income in October?


  1. Investing is definitely a long game, you got that totally right! Work you do now pays off years or decades later, but future you will be thankful. Solid month overall, keep at it and $100/month is totally doable.

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