Finally Back Again

Hey guys, it has been a long time since my last post. Unfortunately, I have been very busy with my job so I really had no time writing any new posts. But don’t worry from September on I will post regularly about my financial development. My goal is to publish at least one article per week to get this blog finally running.

In the future I also want to write more about other investment ideas, I have been looking for in the past months. I already wrote about it in thoughts on investing, but I figured out a couple of more investing ideas like p2p lending, crowd investing in already established companies and in Start ups. I also have thought about buying parking spaces and renting them.

Then I want to continue or better start with my wikifolio Project. Just a short note wikifolio is an investing platform where everyone can create a so called wikifolio (Fund) where after some approvals everyone can invest in.

I hope there will be some interesting articles for almost everyone, and that you still want to follow my journey to financial independence.


OK enough of the introduction of my new ideas, let’s get back to business. In July I added two new companies to my portfolio:

I bought 24 shares of Target which will add 57.60 USD to my dividend income and I finally bought after being a long time on my watch list 30 shares of Wells Fargo which will add 45.60 USD to my dividend income. My forward yearly dividend income is now at around 750 EUR after Tax. My goal until the end of the year is 830 EUR. Let see if I reach that goal, as right now there not a lot of good investment opportunities.

The value of the portfolio by the end of July was 29,235.63 EUR and my dividend income in July was 39.20 EUR.

The August portfolio update and dividend income will be again like the monthly updates you usually get.

So it is good to be back in this blog and I am looking forward to seeing what is coming next on my investing journey.




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