Financial Goals

Goals until the end of the year and for 2017


Hey guys, almost ¾ of 2016 are over this means I want to review my goals until the end of the year and to give a preview for the next year. As I mentioned the last few weeks I really concentrated on finding additional alternatives on investing. This is what my focus will be in the near future besides of course investing in dividend stocks. As this is and will be my fundament of my investing portfolio.

At the beginning of the year the size of my portfolio was at around 19 000 EUR with a yearly dividend income of 500 EUR, now 9 months later it has a size of 28 500 EUR containing 22 companies and a yearly dividend income of around 750 EUR. So far I did invest in 7 different companies in 2016. That means I improved my yearly dividend income by 50% compared to the beginning of the year. Besides the yearly dividend income I also have a small interest rate income which is right now at around 100 EUR. Unfortunately the interest rates are with 0.7% are very low. So all in all have a yearly passive income of 830 EUR. This is not that high right now and leads me to my goals until the end of the year.

Goals until end of 2016

To my dividend portfolio I want to add and ETF by investing 2 000 EUR which will add additional 80 EUR to my passive income. Furthermore I want to invest 1000 EUR in crowd-investing of already settled companies (not start ups), this will add again another 50 EUR. By increasing my cash rate I will receive a yearly interest income of 140 EUR. All in all my cash-flow will look like this by the end of the year.


So all in all I want to reach the 1000 EUR of yearly passive income by the of the year.


Goals for 2017

For 2017 I want to invest additionally in p2p lending and start ups. I know this is a very risky segment that’s why I will start with a small amount and depending on my experience I will expand that sector as well. Nevertheless dividend stocks remain my main strategy therefore I am planning investments of around 12 000 EUR for 2017. Furthermore I want to improve my overall yield of 2% as well.  All in all my invest portfolio at the end of the year 2017 should look like this:

2017After all that means I want to have a yearly passive income by the end of 2017 of 1 660 EUR that is an average of more or less a 140 EUR  per month. This is still not extremely high but I think I will be on the right path towards creating passive income and being financially independent.


So guys what are your financial goals for 2016 and 21017?


  1. Keep it up,nice to see early planning for 2017.
    i see you are from Austria, i visited Vienna back in 2013 for 1 day as stopover .Nice city and palaces..
    Would love explore the country more.

  2. Hi Andreas,

    nice development and good to see that you’re already planning for next year! But I was wondering why you chose to invest in P2P lending and Start-Ups (I guess crowdfunding projects through Conda or something like that?); from my point of view (without being the Klugscheißer 😉 ) I think it could make more sense to invest that capital directly into stocks.

    Why? I think that 1.500 EUR you’re planning to invest in P2P/Startups, would be better invested if you could buy additional shares of one of your already existing companies, the ETF you’re planning to buy or even any new stock you can add to your portfolio. Since you’re at the beginning of your investment career, you still have a lot of time to let the money compound. Even if the e.g. 2% or 3% dividend yield is not as good as the (planned) 5% yield you might achieve with P2P/Startups – the time is on your side and within years the dividend AND the price of the stocks will increase. 75 Euros are nice but also neglectable from your “total investing career” point of view. But that 1.500 Euro invested in stocks will add more value to your net worth and will also result in more money you’ll get in future from passive income.

    Don’t know why P2P investing is so hyped at the moment; think the P2P platforms must offer some good affiliate programs right now. 😉

    • Hi,

      thanks for your feedback. Well I agree with you on that point with investing in shares or etfs instead of Start ups and p2p lending. But I also want to find out if i am feeling comfortable with such Investments. If I find better deals in the stock market I will always prefer that.

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