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Hello everyone as you all know this Blog is existing since about 1 and half years and lately I could manage to increase my monthly page views to about 5 000 per month, which is quite a good improvement comparing to where I was a year ago. Nevertheless since 2 or 3 months I am stuck at these numbers. So of course I was thinking a lot on how to increase the numbers of visitors and page views etc. and yes you can find a lot in the internet about doing guestposts, being part of communities, doing comments having a better SEO management etc.. But I thought everyone is doing and I am getting better and better in that as well. After all this is nothing special and not very unique. But then I thought well we are all blogging about investing, passive income, dividends etc. why not setting up something like this with my blog…

The Idea behind it

Imagine this blog is traded at the stockmarket and you are able to get some shares and collect points which will be paid out as cash on a quarterly basis.

So here is the idea:

Number of total shares: 50

My number of shares: 40

Shares available: 10

maximum shares you can have: 2

Cost per share until end of March: 0

How does it work?

As an owner of 1 share you are getting 2 percent of the blogincome. That means you have the right to get 2 percent of the monthly income (I will call that sharepoints) 1 Sharepoint equals 1 EUR. You will receive those sharepoints on a quartely basis. The first quarter is from April to June, the second quarter from July to September etc. The minimum payout will be 10 sharepoints, in order to keep fees low. But after one year, in April 2018, you will receive your sharepoints no matter if you have reached the minimum or not, and each quarter it is up to you if you will cash out your sharepoints or not. Very important by cashing out you don’t loose your shares, you can only loose them if you want to sell them to me or if you are stop doing any promotional things.

What do I expect from you?

Well basically the shares are for free but of course I do expect something from you:

1 share: doing any promotional activity for my blog (like placing a banner or link on your blog (Blogroll does not count :))

2 shares: promotional activity plus 1 guestblog per month on my blog (Topic should be of course finance related)


You own one share:

Total Income April: 20 EUR –> Your sharepoints: 0.4

Total Income May: 20 EUR –> Your sharepoints: 0.4

Total Income June: 20 EUR –> Your sharepoints: 0.4

Quarterly Payments in July: 1.2 Sharepoints below 10 Sharepoints no payment

Total Income July: 400 EUR –> Your sharepoints: 8.0

Total Income August: 400 EUR –> Your sharepoints: 8.0

Total Income September: 400 EUR –> Your sharepoints: 8.0

Quarterly Payments in October: 25.2 Sharepoints above 10 Sharepoints

I know this project implies a lot of trust from your side. But I just can say that I will be very transparent to the participants of this project. I am thinking well it might be fun to do all this what we are blogging about in a more active way, in which everyone who wants to ┬ácan participate. It would be really awesome if we could start this project beginning with April. The minimum shares for a start would be 6 Shares. So that means to have at least 3 participants. Of course you should have a blog to participate :). For a start this project is nevertheless limited for one year that’s why I have mentioned you will be cashed out after 1 year no matter what.

The registration for the project will be open for one week until the 26th of March.

One more thing if there are for examples 2 shares outstanding. You will see a sharepointprice depending on the accumulated sharepoints of each month and yes can purchase them after each quarter.

If you want to know more and participate or have any further questions please contact me and I will give your more details about the current status of the blog and the project itself.

Thanks for reading and I am already looking forward for your feedback :).



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