Investment Challenge find the hidden champions!

Hello guys, how should I start that post :)… Well I was thinking a couple of days ago what is purpose of this Blog and the other investing Blogs out there. In the first place my purpose about this Blog is to get people thinking about investing by themselves and to find companies, which they did not know so far.

Without any doubt the community is invested in a lot of great companies and I got to know a lot of new companies by reading blogs and doing research by myself. But it is mainly about american companies and pretty much most of the portfolios consist of the same stocks. At the same time there are a lot of great european, australian etc. companies available at stockmarket, which are not that well known and they are also good dividend payers.

My goal is that we create list with great non american stocks and to make this a more fun activity we will make it a game. I have to admit I got inspired by Buy Hold Long, who recently started a stock picking game. Hope you don’t mind that I want to start one as well :).

The main challenge is of this game is, that you have to invest in two non american and canadian stocks and at the same time in stocks, which are not in your portfolio yet. To keep it simple you can only buy 1 stock of each company. The price will be shown in the local currency and in EUR in order to measure to performance.

In order to make this also a benefit for everyone, you can write one guest post here on my blog and promote yours as well, why you have chosen these companies and what your criteria were.

In order to avoid any exchange effects they will remain the same throughout the whole challenge. In the overview I have only included GBP; USD and AUD so far. But that does not mean that other currencies are excluded from the challenge.

This Challenge will last until the 1st of September.

Important Key facts

  1. Pick two non american/canadian and stocks which are not in your portfolio yet
  2. Pick only 1 share of each stock.
  3. Send me your stock picks with the current exchange rate to the EUR (if it is not already listed).
  4. I will publish the list then later in a separate section of my Blog.
  5. The performance will be measured in Percentage.
  6. The challenge, will last until the 1st of September.
  7. Stock picks can be done until the 1st of July.
  8. Publish your guest post on my blog.
  9. The number of participants is limited to 10 (plus myself)

Who will be the winner of that game?

Well in the end there will be not one winner, I hope all of us are winners as we found maybe 22 new companies we didn’t know so far.  I think you got an idea where I want to go with that challenge. It is really my goal to increase our knowledge about other companies as well. There a lot of good dividend payers outside of America. But I do also know, that this challenge requires some research but I think it is all for the good.

As soon as I have received all the stock picks I will also set up a fact sheet about the companies we have chosen.

My two stock picks are:

Greene King Pub

Hope I will receive a lot of interesting picks, and that some of you want to join that game. I am already looking forward to receiving your feedback :)…



  1. Hi Andreas!

    I’m interested to see how this challenge pans out. At the moment, I don’t feel too comfortable investing in stocks outside of the US, but I’ll be watching to see how it turns out!

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