May Investments from the Community

One of my favorite posts of the community, aside from the dividend income summaries, are the recent investment posts. I think all of us search for inspiration there and sometimes find companies they have never heard or haven’t really thought about making an investment. Personally I found a couple of companies through that kind of posts. So I thought why not to summarize the monthly investments of the DGI community.

Divhut as always he did make a couple of investments in May

Personally I like the investments of GWW and GIS, General Electric is also an interesting one and I will have a closer look if it is also worth of an investment for me.

Lanny from DividendDiplomats one of my favorite dividend blogs has to be in that list of course.

Dividend Daze is like me at the beginning of his dividend investing journey.

Dividend Vet was also busy with making some investments.

Not such a bad feeling to have MO in the portfolio :).

Captain Dividend

I also have this company on my watch list for a further investment.

Two Investing made 2 big investments in May

Mr. Robot is also quite new to community.

It is surely interesting to have a monthly dividend paying company in a portfolio, I personally don’t have so far.

Investment Hunting was of course also busy with investing in May.

The list is of course still very small, but just let me know if I should include you the next time and I will add you to that list.


All in all you can say that the favorite stocks of all the Bloggers in May were GWW and CSCO. I do have both of them on my watch list and will do an Investment as soon as I think the price is on a good level for me. I also saw some investments in General Electric, I think this company gets more and more interesting for an Investment. Especially as the share price did suffer a little bit in the last couple of weeks.

The other investments are also of course very interesting and just shows the community is always busy to invest in high quality companies and that you still can find a couple of good deals in an overpriced market.

So keep on investing guys…

I do not recommend any decision to the reader or any user, please consult your own research. Thank you for your understanding!


  1. Thanks for including me in the list. Market has been moving up too quickly recently, making it harder to find value. But there are still a few good companies I am looking at. CSCO, T, and GIS are always a classic, I own some now but wouldn’t mind expanding my holdings. Hope more buys are to come shortly. Thanks for sharing, great post! Fun seeing what the community does.

  2. Nice to see the buying continue every month among our dividend investing peers. Still some decent values out there. Thank you for the DivHut mention.

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