My first three months in p2p lending

It is quite a while, that I have written an article about alternatives of dividend investing, and I already said that I will invest a small amount in in p2p lending, just to figure out how this is going to be for me and how I can deal with such a high risk investment. Now after 3 months I will give you a short overview about my progress.Three months ago I registered at which is one the largest p2p lending company in Europe. Mintos is based in Latvia and the total amount invested is a currently at more than 350 mio. EUR.

In total I have invested so far 250 EUR, this is a very small amount but I want to give it a try at least for one until I will invest more. So far I have received 5.93 EUR in interests and currently I am invested in 18 different loans with a total investment of 237.21 EUR. My current Net annual return rate is at 12.40%.

Below a screenshot of my dashboard


For me this is currently not my main investing focus, this is and will always be dividend investing and ETF, but I also have to admit it might be a good addition and I am thinking to increase my amount invested to 1 000 EUR until the end of the next year. At the same time you need to be cautious about those kind of investments as all the platforms are relatively new and p2p lending itself is as well a very young business sector.

What do you think about p2p lending? Are you as well invested in that sector?

I do not recommend any decision to the reader or any user, please consult your own research. Thank you for your understanding!

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