My first year as a Dividend Investor

Hey guys, I thought it is time to do a first summary of my time as dividend investor. Where did I start? Where I am right now and where I want to be in the future. A little more than year ago I decided to finally make a step towards more financial independence by investing in to dividend stocks. I have been always interested in the stock but at the end I have never been really brave enough to invest money, I was one of those typical “german money saver”. But after reading books like the intelligent investor and some inspiring blogs I was confident enough to make this step.

Of course at the beginning I also did some mistakes like buying BASF at an all time high, wasn’t probably one of my smartest moves. But with the more stocks I bought the more comfortable I feel with investing, and now it became like a habit to invest constantly in fair valued and fundamental rock solid companies. At the same I think one of my biggest advantages is, that I was never chasing high yielding stocks and I stayed away from the natural resources sector. The dividend cuts of BHP, NOV, KMI and lately of Potash taught me that I am on the right path and that it doesn’t make sense to chase high yielding stocks.


So what was the situation about a little more than a year ago?

Well this is quite simple; I had no stocks, no passive income, I was working for money and money wasn’t working.

Where am I right now?

I am invested in 20 different companies, my portfolio is worth of around 24,800 EUR and I have a forwarding yearly dividend income of around 650 EUR after Tax. This is money I do not have to work for J.

Where do I want to be?

I will constantly invest in dividend stocks, but I also want to search for other investing possibilities like corporate Bonds or ETF. But at the same time it is also important for me to always have a reasonable cash rate, like I mentioned in my last post. Furthermore  I also want to keep an eye on real estate as an option to create passive income.



So last but not least I have to say that I am still at the very beginning of my journey but Rome wasn’t built one day either. For me investing is fun and to see my passive income increasing is even more fun.

So guys this is just a short note from my side….

How was your first year as dividend investor?



  1. Ciao DCF,
    My first year was a very tough one, but despite all my mistakes I managed to finish it “breaking even” (in total return terms), which was a good result after all. Keep up the good work and let’s see what year 2 will bring!! 🙂
    ciao ciao

    • Hi Stal,

      thank you. Well the first half of the year was challenging I made some mistakes like investing when stocks were on all time high. But nevertheless I managed it that my overall performance, wasn’t that bad.

    • Hey IH,

      thank you!! I think I already have a solid base, but I also need some more diversification with european stocks.

      But yeah we will see what the market says, and where the cheapest solid stocks are :).

    • Hi Martin,

      thanks a lot. My journey just started so I am curious where I will be in 5 or 10 years :). I hope it gonna be great…

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