My second year as a dividend investor

Hey guys, hope everyone had a good start in 2017. For me it is time to review my second year as dividend investor and to compare my current investing situation to the one a year ago. In general the year started with decreasing stock prices and ended with new all time highs. In the between there was the Brexit vote and the Trump election and some price correction of individual stocks. All in all enough buying opportunities.

But what does that mean concerning my dividend income, portfolio performance, investments and net worth development.

Dividend Income

2015: 246.79 EUR
2016: 706.26 EUR

This is an overall increase of 186.18% compared to 2015. I am very happy with that increase especially that I had two months with a dividend income of more than a 100 EUR. Currently my full year forward dividend income is at 1 061.06 EUR which is already an increase of 50.24% compared to 2016. As you know my goal for 2017 is to double my dividend income in 2017.

Portfolio Performance

2015: 19 030.22 EUR
2016: 39 389.73 EUR

Including dividends my overall portfolio performance was at 15.9% in 2016 which of course came from changes in the exchange rate and some investments at its lows. My best performing stock was Cummins CMI with dividends the overall increase was 56.35 %. This increase makes it currently my largest position in my portfolio. In total it consists of 29 companies therefore 24 are traded in USD and 5 in EUR.

Split by Sector

Sector 2016

The largest sector in my portfolio is Beverage and Food followed by Utility. As you can see I am still not invested in any oil stock. On my point of view they are still overvalued, although of the recent increase of the oil price. Nevertheless I always keep an eye on Exxon Mobil.


In 2016 I invested 15 725.42 EUR in stocks. This is ok, my goal for 2017 is 19 500 EUR. Most of it was invested at the beginning and at the end of the year, where I saw the most opportunities and had the most cash available :).

Net Worth development

2015: 31 555.64 EUR
2016: 52 918.06 EUR

This is an improvement of more than 20 000 EUR and of 67.70% but I did not really reach my goal to cross the 55 000 EUR. Nevertheless this increase is quite good as I had some major unexpected expenses this year.  For the 2017 my goal is to reach the 80 000 EUR :).

Outlook for 2017

As I already mentioned in my Goals for 2017 I want to keep that investing pace and even improve it. But I also want to look for other investing alternatives besides stocks or ETF’s. The goal is to make this first investments in 2018 then.

How was the last year for you guys?


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