Net Worth Update April 2017

Hi everyone, it is time to publish again one of my net worth updates. It has been a while since my last one in January. I just think currently it does not make much sense to publish one every month, as my net worth depends a lot on the performance of my portfolio. All in all my Net worth in April was at 57 849.08 EUR.

To avoid any misunderstandings, just a brief overlook what I am including in my Net Worth calculation. I will not include my assets as I haven’t had a real look at them so at the beginning it consists only of my liquid assets.

  • Investments
  • Checking Account
  • Saving Account
  • Cash
  • ETF’s
  • Debt

As you see no house or home as I am paying a monthly rent.

Net Worth April

  1. Value Portfolio: 50 039.92 EUR
  2. Cash: 7 809.16 EUR 
  3. Debt: currently no debt 🙂

All in all my Net Worth by the end of January was at  57 849.08 EUR.

Net_Worth April

As you can see my net worth development in 2017 is still positive but due to the weakening Dollar the performance of my portfolio is struggling a little bit. Also my cash total cash position is a little weaker currently. But within in the next 2 months I will be able to lift it above the 10 000 EUR mark. Therefore I will stay a little on the side line when it comes to investing in the next two months. If there are good deals I will still invest e.g. when Johnson & Johnson drops by 30% I will of course not stay on the sideline :). But I think this will probably not happen in the next two months.

At the beginning of the year I set my goal to reach a Net Worth of 80 000 EUR by the end of the year. This is still my goal but after reviewing the first quarter, more realistically will be a Net Worth of 75 000 EUR by the end of the year. Nevertheless the Net Worth is not that important in the first place, it just gives you a positive feeling to have a high one :). My most important goals are to increase my projected full year dividend to 1 700 EUR and to have an emergency fund of 15 000 EUR by the end of the year. Currently these numbers are at 1 328.83 EUR yearly dividend income and 7 809.16  EUR in my emergency fund. This goals are still very realistic and considering a yield of 3.0% after tax I need to do investments until the end of the year of around 9 000 EUR.

How much passive income am I generating out of it?

Investment: 1 328.83 EUR

Checking and Saving Account: 9.76 EUR

So in total  1 338.59 EUR

This is still not a lot but compared to January it is an increase of around 200 EUR.

Considering my future Net Worth updates I will give them not on a quarterly base as I just mentioned above it doesn’t make a lot of sense and doesn’t really give much more information if you get a monthly update.

How is your Net Worth development until April? How often do you track your Net Worth?


  1. Being debt-free is fantastic, congratulations! It seems like you’re doing just fine with your 2017 goals, especially with your projected dividend income goal, which, as you point out, is the most important one anyway. The net worth goal is a good one to strive for, but if most of your net worth is in stocks, you don’t have full control over reaching that goal.

    Thanks for the update and happy investing!

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