Net Worth Update November

Hi everyone, it is time to publish my Net Worth November. In November I could increase my Net Worth by almost 4 500 EUR and is now at 50 670.59 EUR.

To avoid any misunderstandings, just a brief overlook what I am including in my Net Worth calculation. I will not include my assets as I haven’t had a real look at them so at the beginning it consists only of my liquid assets.

  • Investments
  • Checking Account
  • Saving Account
  • Cash
  • ETF’s
  • Debt

As you see no house or home as I am paying a monthly rent.

Net Worth November vs. October


Compared to October rmy Net Worth increased by 4 500 EUR. This mainly comes from an increase of my portfolio, with the investments in Abbvie, Southern and CVS and a post election rally :).

All in all my Net Worth by the end of August was at  50 670.59 EUR.

Split of Net Worth


Here you can see that around 30% of my Net Worth is compared to my investments is cash. This also reflects my goal to have a minimum cash rate of 30%.


Development Net Worth 2016


So I already reached my goal to cross the 50 000 EUR by the end of the year :). Realistically by the end of the year I will be at around 52 000 EUR by the end of the year. Later this week I will show you my 5 year goals concerning Net Worth and passive income. Just a short in in 2022 my goal is, having a Net Worth of around 300 000 EUR and a passive income of 7 500 EUR. It still will be a long journey to get there…

How much passive income am I generating out of it?

Investment:  956.58 EUR

Checking and Saving Account: 45.72 EUR

So in total  1002.31 EUR

This is not a lot but luckily I am only at the beginning of my investment life, so I am confident by the end of the next you will see higher number there :)?

Feedback always welcome…

How is your Net Worth development in November?

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