Net Worth Update January

Hi everyone, it is time to publish my Net Worth January. In January my Net Worth dropped by almost 300 EUR and is now at 52 618.75 EUR.

To avoid any misunderstandings, just a brief overlook what I am including in my Net Worth calculation. I will not include my assets as I haven’t had a real look at them so at the beginning it consists only of my liquid assets.

  • Investments
  • Checking Account
  • Saving Account
  • Cash
  • ETF’s
  • Debt

As you see no house or home as I am paying a monthly rent.

Net Worth January

  1. Value Portfolio: 42 892.19 EUR this is an increase of 3 502.46 EUR compared to December
  2. Cash: 9 726.56 EUR this is a decrease of 4 108.15 EUR compared to December
  3. Debt: currently no debt 🙂

All in all my Net Worth by the end of January was at  52 618.75 EUR.

As you can see in January I did a lot of investments and also my portfolio performance was not best. Also my cash rate went down to 18.5%, which is for me a little bit too low. So in the next month I will concentrate to get this up to at 25%. Besides all the investments the month January is one of the months with the highest expensive in the year, which is another reason for the decline. Nevertheless I am still confident to reach my goal of 80 000 EUR by the end of the year.

Split of Net Worth


Here you can see that around 18.5% of my Net Worth is compared to my investments is cash. This does not reflect my goal to have a minimum cash rate of 30%. So one of my goals is to increase my cash rate significantly in the upcoming months.

Development Net Worth


As you can see there is a little drop compared to the last month but when I compare where I have one year ago it looks much better.

How much passive income am I generating out of it?

Investment: 1 115.97 EUR

Checking and Saving Account: 24.32 EUR

So in total  1 140.27 EUR

This is not a lot but luckily I am only at the beginning of my investment life, so I am confident by the end of the next you will see higher number there :)?

Feedback always welcome…

How is your Net Worth development in January?


  1. Great analysis. I personally prefer to analyse Networth on a yearly basis – the variations are a bit bigger and after all networth is very dependent on small fluctuations which even out a bit more after 12 months.
    Keep up the great blog and greetings from the Austrian capital

    • Hey,

      thanks for the feedback. The fluctuation between the months is a bit not that high and I like to keep track on a monthly basis.

  2. Glad to read about your progress from another European investor. Your savings account of 9k seems to be on the low side. The rule of dumb is 6 to 14 months of your monthly salary. But it depends on your family situation.

    80k by end of the year is aggresive goal and wish you good luck with that !!
    We don’t look at our net worth as our portfolio value may drop one month 2000 euro and next month it is up 1500 an then 3000…so all is relative. We solely focus on cash flow from investments.

    We will keep on following. All the best in 2017

    • Hey,

      thanks for the feedback. I know the cash rate is on the low site currently. But I will concentrate to get this back to a bigger one in the next two months.


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