November Saving Rate

Hey readers besides my monthly dividend income and portfolio update I want to start a third category „my monthly saving rate“. I will publish this for motivational reasons and to have more pressure to keep up with the everyday challenge of saving money J. But please understand that I will only show the percentage rate and not the total numbers.

In November I could manage to save 45.5% of my monthly income. The two biggest position of my expenses were housing and food.

The expenses rate of housing was 39.3% and for food 23.4%.

All in all I am quite happy with my saving rate in November. Nevertheless my goal for the next year is to be constantly above 50 %.



I know this is a very short post, but please be aware that I just started this blog and I first need to figure how much of my financial numbers I want to publish and at the same time how I can provide valuable invormation for you readers.

So are there any other issues you want to know how I keep track of my expenses or do you want any additional information?

Thanks for your feedback!

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