Portfolio Update January

Another month has passed on my dividend income journey and I want to give you a short update on my portfolio in January 2017. Currently the portfolio has already reached a size of 42 889.82 EUR. The portfolio contains of 30 companies so far.


In January I added the following companies to my portfolio:

  • PPL Corp: 40 shares at a price of 34.30 USD
  • VF Corp: 27 shares at a price of 51.64 USD

Furthermore I added to an existing position more shares:

  • Target: 26 shares at a price of 66.84 USD

With 50 shares Target is now my largest position in my portfolio :).

Overview Portfolio


I also calculated my overall performance of my portfolio for the last 12 months, including dividends after tax and of course considering the investments. For the dividend investor the performance is not so important but it is still nice to see that you are not doing so bad :).  The year didn’t not start that well and my performance dropped to a little more of 5%. The main reason is that USD lost a little value compared to the EURO.


The detailed positions of my portfolio can be found here.

How was your development of the portfolio or any other thoughts about my portfolio?

Disclosure: I do not recommend any decision to the reader or any user, please consult your own research. Thank you for your understanding.


  1. Nice job adding great stocks on the dip. VFC keeps dropping. I’ve purchased 200 shares over the last month. If it still goes down, i may grab another hundred. I just sold a put with a $45 strike price. I’ll take that 😉

  2. “How was your development of the portfolio or any other thoughts about my portfolio?”

    Nice work so far! Consistency is key. For developing portfolios, I prefer to use ETFs to start off (since it is better to invest in a broad market ETF than let cash sit idle), and then when I find a suitable company to invest in, cash out some of the ETF to make that purchase. This way, money is always working for you!

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