Portfolio Update November 2017

Another month has passed on my dividend income journey and I want to give you a short update on my portfolio for mid October 2017. Currently the portfolio has already reached a size of 58 058.12 EUR. The portfolio contains of 36 companies and one ETF so far.


This is the first time since a couple of months that I haven’t done any investment, since my last one in Hormel Foods. My focus until the end of the year is more on increasing my cash rate. But I still plan to do one more investment this year either in an ETF or in one of the current fairly priced stocks. But let’s see :)…

So I am still invested 36 companies which is already a lot, and I still have a couple of companies on my watch list :).

Overview Portfolio

Development Portfolio 2015 – 2017

As you can see I managed it that my portfolio is growing on monthly basis and compared to November 2015 it has almost triple the size now and it generates a decent dividend income.

Currently my full year dividend income is 1 488.99 EUR. This is a little less than before and is more less caused by my first dividend cut in my portfolio. As you probably heard GE cut the dividend by half to now 0.48 USD per year. This is a little disappointing but considering the cash flow problems it is probably the best solution for GE. So I am not planning to sell my position for now.

Keep on investing guys!!

How was your development of the portfolio or any other thoughts about my portfolio?

Disclosure: I do not recommend any decision to the reader or any user, please consult your own research. Thank you for your understanding!


  1. 1400 in dividends is awesome! I started out from zero (in 2015). Growth has been quite stellar since then. Sustaining is the bigger test. I do own GE, not planning to sell it anytime soon. There IoT bet will pay off big time (I think).

  2. Hi DC, a solid portfolio you’ve got going. Your chart shows continued progress over time… nice work. Turns out I’ve got roughly the same number of stocks in my portfolio as you do in yours. Sounds like you are accumulating cash for now… any sectors that you are looking to add to once you commit to purchasing again?

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