Recap of the first Quarter 2017

Hey everyone the first quarter of 2017 is already history so it is time to make a recap of my financial activities in the first 3 months of the year and to have a look if I am still on track towards my goals for 2017.

The year 2017 was not that investment friendly for income investors, as it is very hard to find any cheap stocks. But nevertheless I already reached one milestone by crossing the 100 EUR average monthly dividend income, which is a great feeling. But let’s go back to the goals and compare them to my current status.

Financial Goals

Dividend Income

Goal for 2017 is to have a dividend income of 1 400 EUR and forward full year dividend income of 1 700 EUR. Until the end of the march I collected 218.91 EUR compared to 2016 where it was 122.03 EUR. Well to reach the goal of 1 400 EUR it is still a long way to go but considering that May will be a very good month I am very optimistic to reach that mark. Concerning the forward dividend income I am currently at 1 275.24 EUR after tax of course. In other words I still need to invest around 12 000 EUR (yield 3%) to reach my goal. That’s will be a tough one but not impossible to reach. So to sum up I will not adjust my dividend goals.


As I said in the beginning the year hasn’t been that investment friendly so far. But nevertheless I did some investments this year, in total I have invested 8 734.61 EUR where I also invested in my first ETF. My goal for 2017  is to make investments of at least 19 500 EUR. I think this is also not out of reach, I even think that I will increase that number to 21 000 EUR in order to reach my dividend income goal.


Cash is at moment my weakest part with around 9 200 EUR I am not really happy with that but with April and May coming this number will increase significantly. Nevertheless with doing more investments I will adjust my goal of 20 000 EUR to 17 500 EUR. But this definitely a point I have to work on.


I better do not talk about that as I had some unexpected expenses in the first 3 months I probably will not reach my goal of not having more 14 400 EUR more realistic will be around 18 000 EUR. But for motivational reasons I will not adjust that goal 🙂


Income wise the year was really good so far and I am a little ahead of my goal to have an income of 40 000 EUR so new goal is to have 42 000 EUR. Will be challenging but yeah keeps me motivated.

Net worth

My Net Worth in March was at 58 000 EUR so I am probably a little behind my goal to reach the 80 000 EUR. But I still think it is realistic to reach that goal. The point is that it depends a lot on the performance of my portfolio but we will see where it will be at the end of the year. The Net Worth is not my number one goal, it is a nice to have.

Non Financial Goals

Well I can do better with that especially when it comes to reading books I am currently a little lazy on that, also with sports I started really good but in the last 2 weeks I struggled a little bit but I am confident that this will change again :). Coming to my blog the page views increased compared to the last year but I am still not satisfied with it. Currently I am averaging around 5 300 page views per month my goal is to have at least 8 000 by the end of the year.

Just out of curiosity how many page views to you guys have per month or do you have any ideas what I could improve to attract more visitors?


After all my first quarter was not so bad. The only disappointing point was my saving rate so far, but I am very optimistic to improve that in the coming months. In the quarter my goal is to make two major investments with at least 3 000 EUR. On my watch list for that investment is currently AT&T and one ETF. I also still keep an eye on Target. As I said another major goal is also to increase the community here and to attract more visitors to this blog.

How was your first quarter? What are your goals for the upcoming quarters?


  1. Your goal of 2017 looks very similar like the portfolio of my mom that I started since 1 January 2017. It will be interesting to see and compare at the end of the year our performances. Good luck with reaching your goal

    Ambitious saving challenge you have.

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