Recent Investment

The last couple of weeks were a wild ride on the market and I was really busy with investing in November as I bought shares of ORI, Abbvie, CVS and Southern. In December I added two more stocks to my portfolio one was AB Inbev and the other one UNIQA an Austrian Insurance company.

AB Inbev

Anheuser Busch is one of the largest brewery companies in the world and its portfolio contains brands like of Budweiser, Corona, Stella Artois, Arequipeña, Atlas, Balboa, Barena, and Miller Lite. Their net sales were at 40.5 BIL EUR with a net income of 3.8 BIL EUR in 2015. The market capitalization is currently at 191.0 BIL EUR.

Lately the stock price dropped heavily to 94.58 EUR from an all-time high of 118.80 EUR.



In October AB Inbev took over SABMiller for 96 BIL EUR which makes it now to the biggest brewery company in the world.

In 2016 AB Inbev paid a dividend of 3.60 EUR. The dividend will be paid twice a year in April and November. Furthermore it has increased the dividend since the year 2002.

All in all I purchased 17 shares which will add 61.20 EUR before tax and 44.37 EUR after Tax to my annual dividend income.



Uniqa is the largest insurance company in Austria and conducts business with property, casualty, health and life insurance.

Lately the stock price of Uniqa dropped significantly as a result of a restructuring program to less than 7 EUR. Nevertheless since the dividend cut in 2012 it increased the dividend each year and want to continue that dividend policy. In 2016 it paid a dividend of 0.47 EUR per share.

All in all I purchased 120 shares of Uniqa which will add 56.40 EUR before tax and 40.89 EUR after tax.

Forward Full year dividend Income

My forward full year dividend Income is now at almost 1 050 EUR after tax (Yeah I finally crossed the 1 000 EUR yearly dividend income).


What do you think about my purchases? Which stocks did you purchase lately?



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