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Hello everyone, as I wrote in my article about Qualcomm a couple of days ago I am seeing a potential buy in this stock in the next couple of days. Finally yesterday was the time to buy 50 shares of Qualcomm :).

After all I bought 50 shares at a price of 53.12 USD, this makes it a yield of 4.29%. It will add 114.00 USD to my annual dividend income, considering a dividend of 2.28 USD. By this purchase I also crossed another milestone my portfolio has currently a value of 50 740,92 EUR.

How much dividend income am I expecting in the future


As you can see above with a stable dividend increase of 7.5% per year, the dividend income will almost double within in the next 8 years. Thanks to compound interest effect, the best friend of every dividend income investor. The yield on cost will be as well on a very attractive level.

My new dividend Income
Before taxes my projected full year dividend income is now at 1 840.88 EUR with a yield on costs of 3.95% and after taxes it is at 1 332.85 EUR with a yield on costs of 2.86%. That is an average of 111.07 EUR per month. This is still not not a huge number but compared to where I was a year ago this number feels really great. To make this number more visual an additional net income of 111.07 EUR per month would mean a gross salary increase of 2 569 EUR per year.

My goal until the end of 2017 is to have a dividend income of 1 400 EUR after tax.

Please be aware this might vary considering the changes in the exchange rate USD to EUR.

What do you think about QCOM? Do you also have it in your Portfolio?

Disclosure: Long QCOM

I do not recommend any decision to the reader or any user, please consult your own research. Thank you for your understanding.


    • Hi BHL,

      thanks for the comment. Of course there some risks no investment is a 100% safe, but I also think there is a lot potential in that stock.

    • Hi,
      thank you. I think so too, to me QCOM is currently really undervalued and dividend looks also very good.

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