Dividend Investing Guide

Is my dividend income safe?

May 26, 2017 Div.Income 3

As a dividend income investor you probably ask yourself the question if the dividend is safe, before you are taking any investment. By being safe I mean in this case, is the company able to […]


Recent Investment

March 22, 2017 Div.Income 0

Hello everyone, as I wrote about 3 days ago I made my first investment in March and finally I invested the first in an ETF. I bought 140 Units of iShares EURO STOXX Select Dividend […]

Dividend Increases

Recent Dividend Increases II

March 6, 2017 Div.Income 2

The advantages of a dividend investor and especially of a dividend growth investor should be that the companies increase their dividends every year. This year I want to start tracking my dividend increases more carefully.