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Hey everyone, it has been a while since my last post about my crypto investments. Lately the crypto world saw quite decrease in its value, especially Bitcoin suffered a lot, but also my investment in the IOTA project suffered quite heavily.Nevertheless I took the chance to invest a little more in the IOTA project, in total I own now 772.32 MIOTA, as I said once my goal is to own about 1 GIOTA so there are still 228 MIOTA left to reach it.

Why am I constantly investing in such a risky environment?

Well it is quite easy I believe in the technology of IOTA and I also believe in the future of the Blockchain technology. I know I might lose some money in the short time but for the long run I am sure that those will be the future. You should not forget that Blockchain is still very young and the IOTA (Tangle) project is even younger that the Blockchain, it might take a couple of years until people actually trust in that new strange thing, which started with Bitcoin. But I also have to say, that these investments are very risky ones, I really never invest huge amounts and first of all don’t hurt me when I lose the money or secondly distract my way to financial independence.

After all I have also invested a small amount in the upcoming a new blockchain project called Birdchain.

What is birdchain?

Birdchain is a decentralized instant messaging application for Android. It will give its users opportunity to earn extra income by selling their unused SMS messages, watching promotional videos, and monetizing their personal data. Personal data is already being smartly used by such companies as Google and Facebook. Birdchain DApp users will be able to choose which data exactly they want to sell and generate income. The role of the token is to allow transaction of data between app users.

Through the birdchain app it is then possible to generate a passive income of 30 to 300 USD.

For more information and if you want to be added to the whitelist of the ICO birdchain.io

The ICO will be in a couple of weeks, last week there was a VIP Sale where you could get a nice amount of BIRDS :). Personally I am excited about this project especially about generating the possible passive income. But I also hope that the price of the token will be a nice one after it will be listed on exchanges and after all it is my first pre ICO investment.

Again I have to say the amount I have invested was not that big as it isĀ  first of all an ICO and not an established new crypto currency.


Personally I am very excited about the crypto world and I will concentrate more on upcoming ICO’s rather then investing in coins which are already listed on exchanges. For me the important point is that coin has already an example of a real world use case or is an improvement of an already existing use case, which is not solved by the blockchain technology so far. In the ICO there are still tons of black sheeps out there and you have to be careful if it is a scam. So only invest a small amount and only invest in projects you understand and believe in.

Don’t forget to do your research!!

Disclosure: I do not recommend any decision to the reader or any user, please consult your own research. Thank you for your understanding!


  1. Always Nice to read these kinds of updates. I’ll post one in the near future. I also really like iota but haven’t invested in it.

    Be sure to spread some of that risk on other coins!

  2. There is no end to the number of crypto projects/coins out there. Never heard of birdchain but I do agree that the future is blockchain/tangle/hashgraph or whatever. Thanks for sharing your take on the space.

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