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Hey everyone, as I recently posted about my new project I want to give you short about where I am now with my Wikifolio and how the recent performance was.

Currently my Wikifolio consists of the following companies:

  • General Motors: 135 shares with a total weight of 4.8%
  • Target: 130 shares with a total weight of 6.9%
  • VF Corp: 100 shares with a total weight of 5.0%
  • Kohls: 135 shares with a total weight of 5.2%
  • CVS: 65 shares with a total weight of 5.0%
  • Novo Nordisk: 140 shares with  a total weight of 4.5 %
  • Cash: weight 68.7 %


The current monthly performance of my wikifolio is not that good, currently it trades 1.1% below its start price of 100 EUR. The main reason for the weak performance is the decline of Target and Novo Nordisk. Nevertheless I will stick to my strategy as I am convinced that these are currently undervalued and will recover from its recent decline.


Source: wikifolio.com

Current Status

My wikifolio is now since 25 days available and has 13 prebookings with a total capital of 5 100 EUR. In less than 2 weeks I will have a call with wikifolio where it will be decided if the wikifolio will be finally investable.

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Disclosure: I do not recommend any decision to the reader or any user, please consult your own research. Thank you for your understanding.

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  1. I like VFC the most from your portfolio. Bottom line, just keep sticking with whatever strategy works for you and keep collecting those dividends. Thanks for sharing.

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