Watch list for the rest of the year

Hey everyone the year is already coming to an end, and as I told you in my previous posts I am only planning to one more investment this year, as my main goal is to increase my cash rate until the end of the year. But let’s have a look which stocks I am considering to buy.

iShares Dow Jones Asia Pacific Select Dividend 30 UCITS

My first choice is an ETF. Why do I want to invest in ETF’s? Well first of all I have the chance to have stocks in my portfolio I would not buy because of high fees, taxation etc. and secondly it increases my diversification. This ETF will be my second one and it more or less covers companies from Australia and Asia just to name a few:

  • Spark New Zealand Ltd
  • Starhub Ltd
  • Giordano International Ltd
  • Mineral Resources Ltd
  • Sky Network Television

The ETF is currently priced at 29.46 EUR and paid dividends of of 1.55 EUR in 2016. The next payouts will be in December.


The other company, which gets more and more in my focus is AT&T, which is already in my portfolio but as I mentioned in the stock analysis I am always having T on my watch list of potential buys. AT&T experienced a decent decrease in its share price in the last couple of months.

Based on yearly dividend of 1.96 USD the current yield is at impressive 5.69%. Another impressive point is that T was able to increase their dividends in the last 32 years. Nevertheless their is one factor which concerns me a little bit. It is the development of the debt level, in the last 5 years debts got more and more and with the latest Time Warner it will not get much less in the near future.

Cardinal Health

As I recently wrote about Cardinal Health (CAH) is another stock on my watch list which experienced a heavy decrease in its stock in the year 2017. The total performance is -21.04%. The current share price is at 57.71 USD which offers you a yield of 3.20%. But similar to AT&T the debt level of CAH is also a little concerning.


Although AT&T offers a great yield I am currently tending to buy my next ETF instead of AT&T. The reason is quite simple with this ETF I am able to increase my diversification. By doing an investment there I have now also finally stocks in my portfolio from Australia and Asia.

What do you think about this ETF?


I do not recommend any decision to the reader or any user, please consult your own research. Thank you for your understanding!


  1. Nice list. I picked up some T on the dip. I am looking to add to my CAH position as well but capital is limited so it will have to wait. Lots of value in the market now. Good luck on your next buy.

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